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TMJ San Francisco Bay Area

TMJ San Francisco Bay Area is developed to explain TMJ treatment thoroughly for the public. This is necessitated as TMJ treatment is not well understood by the dental profession.  Unfortunately, dental training centers for TMJ treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area have a limited perspective, and subsequently so do many TMJ San Francisco Bay Area doctors trained by them.

TMJ Treatment Controversies

TMJ treatment is controversial since there are two primary schools of thought as to what causes TMJ: one school believes TMJ is a self limiting disorder that is primarily caused by stress, the other school believes it caused by jaw misalignment and often progressively gets worse.  Depending upon what you believe, you use different examination and diagnostic tools, and different treatment modalities.  My 35 years of clinical experience and extensive post graduate training, 25 of which I have specialized in TMJ, has lead me to believe in the latter: that TMJ is most often due to inherited jaw misalignment, and in some cases due to poor orthodontics or trauma. Hence, my treatment is primarily devoted to jaw repositioning therapy (dental orthopedics).  This is the approach advocated by the largest TMJ organization in the U.S. (American Academy of Cranio-facial Pain), and other TMJ organizations (

TMJ Associated Pathologies

Also poorly recognized by the dental profession is the broad spectrum of medical conditions induced by chronic jaw misalignment.  I hope to shed further light on this relationship with this TMJ San Francisco website.

TMJ San Francisco is being developed by Dwight Jennings, DDS who has 35 years experience in TMJ treatment.  For the past 25 years Dr. Jennings has limited his practice to TMJ treatment and other application of dental orthopedics (TMJ associated medical disorders). Dr. Jennings specialized practice is located in Alameda, near the Oakland airport where he treats clients from all over the United States and from around the world.  The office is easily accessible by bus, ferry (four blocks away), or car (ample parking).officemap

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